The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising, February 7, 1997

Each of us, separately, had seen the flyer for this place, left in the hotel room.

Each of us, separately, had thought, "Hmm, I bet those other two wouldn't want to go there. Shame."

When we actually mentioned it to each other, it turned out we all were pretty eager to go.

Some people go to Nashville to see the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not us.

It was almost impossible to find. (Ask Ken how many times Doug had to make a U-turn and go back up the same stretch of two-lane highway till we found the right tiny lane to turn off onto. Johnny Cash said, "Things you hear on the road . . . Are we lost again?" ) Fortunately we had good tapes in the car as we went, so the extra driving wasn't a complete negative. Turns out it was marked by this sign (that's Doug posing by it). The next sign on the road says "DEAD END."

Satisfied beverage container owner.

They conveniently provide a rocking chair on the front porch (that's Ken rocking on above, Alex below). In that mailbox, by the way, there was a beer bottle. We added another we'd picked up along the way.

As we arrived, another visitor and his toddler son were leaving.

We three were the only visitors there while we stayed, chatting with the one guy who was working (on a Sunday--everything else in Nashville was closed that day, including fast food).

C'mon inside!

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