Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Ken, Alex, and Doug went to Nashville, Memphis, the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans in February 1999.

Nashville, Sat-Sun 2/6-7

Memphis, Sun-Tue 2/7-9

Delta, Tue-Wed 2/9-10

New Orleans, Wed-Thu 2/10-11

Just for kicks

If you want to see some pictures from the trip (and hear some stories), here they are. Just keep in mind that it's hard to get it exactly right without having you there in the car with us, listening to the tapes all three of us had made in anticipation of the trip, including a lot of our mutual favorites, plus some stuff that was new to everyone. (Musical compatibility was extremely high on this trip, much to all our pleasure.)

The photography for the site is pretty much done (I may add one or two shots of the planes at Graceland--I may not), but a lot of descriptions are still half-baked or nonexistent. More narration will follow, as well as maybe some better linking throughout the site.

We did a lot of research before hitting the road. If you're interested in a trip like this, there are many places you can turn for information, both online and offline. Click here to find a few we used.

Other Notes:
Some links in this site (marked with a )will take you to CDnow.com, where you can order some of the relevant music. If you're a user of RealPlayer, you can also hear musical selections in many places, marked with a . Click on the notes to hear the song. In a few places, where we were at an attraction that had its own site, like the Delta Blues Museum or Graceland, you'll find links to those sites. External links will, in the end, all open in their own windows.

The pictures on this site were all taken by Ken Spreitzer and Doug Bradley. There are 139 photos, for a total of about 5.8 MB. Alex took a whole lot of great photos too--filling in in many places where we have none--but none of her pictures have been scanned, so you won't find them here. Sorry about that.

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