Tiarck Haigen Bremer

b. before 1556 - d. before 1570
birthplace [Bremen?]

[Mother undetermined]

[birth date?] - [death date?]
birthplace [?]

Hayo [Tiarcks] Bremers

born before 1570 - died 1587 [presumed]
born in Ostbense, Ostfriesland [presumed]
owned Parcel 8, Ostbense, Ostfriesland, in 1570

[wife unknown][presumed Haiken]

[marriage date and place]
[wife birth date] - [wife death date]
[wife birth place]

Haike [Haiken] Bremers

paid Weinkauf on Benser Parcel 8 in 1587
(also may have paid Weinkauf on Seriemer Parcel 13 in 1587)
born in Ostbense [presumed]
wife: Rinnolt Remmers? [less likely, but see footnote in Weinkaufsprotokolle]

Tiarck [Haiken] Bremers

paid Weinkauf on Parcel 8 in 1589-90
born in Ostbense [presumed]
wife: Rinnolt Remmers [probable]
Burger (citizen) in Emden, 18 July 1603 (Bürgerbuch Emden)

Aibo (Eibe) [Haiken] Bremers

Named on March 18, 1613, in a transaction in Emden: Tjark Bremer, represented by his brother Eibe Bremer, sells a room in the Faldern district of Emden, together with Tjark’s brother-in-law Abbe Dirks (Kontraktenprotokoll der Stadt Emden, Staatsarchiv Aurich, Rep 234 Nr. 26, S. 96; for more detail see Tiarck’s page).
Burger (citizen) in Emden, 18 July 1603 (Bürgerbuch Emden)

Wiard Hinrichs found the following record in Amsterdam, which may refer to this Aibo Bremers, or to a son of Tjarck Bremers (he had three sons, but we know the names of only two), or a third, completely unrelated Aibo Bremers. Note that this matched set of marriage records indicate the approximate date of death of the Aibo Bremers involved:

inschrijvingsdatum: 19-11-1621
naam bruidegom: Bremers, Aibo
naam bruid: Jans, Jacobje
bronverwijzing: DTB 763, p.96
opmerkingen: Extra-ordinaris intekenregister.

registration date: 19-11-1621
groom name: Bremers, Aibo
bride name: Jans, Jacobje
Source reference: DTB 763, p.96
Notes: Extra-Ordinary intekenregister.

inschrijvingsdatum: 10-04-1627
naam bruidegom: Harmanss, Albert
naam eerdere vrouw: Jans, Lijsbet
naam bruid: Johannis, Jacobje
naam eerdere man: Bremers, Eijbe
bronverwijzing: DTB 432, p.136
opmerkingen: Huwelijksintekeningen van de KERK.

registration date: 10-04-1627
groom name: Harmanss, Albert
previous wife name: Jans, Lijsbet
bride name: Johannis, Jacobje
previous husband name: Bremers, Eijbe
Source reference: DTB 432, p.136
comments: Huwelijksintekeningen CHURCH.


The Weinkaufprotokolle des Amtes Esens, a record of property transfer fees from 1554 to 1811, shows that in the “All Saints Flood” of November 1, 1570, which inundated Ostfriesland as well as much of the Netherlands, Hayo Bremers “hefft verloren 2 enter stehrs, 1 schap, 8 swine; beholden 20 koye, 4 par ossen, 3 par twenters, 13 enters, 5 perde, 2 valen, 2 swine, 7 schape.” (Hayo has lost 2 one-year-old bulls, 1 sheep, 8 pigs; he saved 20 cows, 4 pairs of oxen, 13 1-year-old cows, 5 horses, 2 foals, 2 pigs, 7 sheep.)

In 1587 the Weinkauf on the property is paid by “Haye Bremers Sohn Haike” (Hayo’ son Haike), suggesting that Hayo has died, and the farm has passed to the next generation. (The Weinkauf is a kind of title transfer tax.)

The Weinkaufprotokolle itself has an intriguing history, best covered in a separate article.

At this period in local history, it is unusual for a family name to be entered in the records. Most people were identified by their given name plus their patronymic: Tiarck Haigen[son], or Tiarck, the son of Hayo. It is noteworthy that for several decades of successive generations of this family, the records identify them as Bremer or Bremers.


Heyko Heyken, Die Weinkaufsprotokolle des Amtes Esens, Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft, Aurich [Germany], 1998.

Interpretation, insight, and translation come courtesy of Kay L. Blass (klblaas at t-online.de), who further acknowledges the interpretation and insight of Wiard Hinrichs.

For some further notes and records about this family, with specific reference to the Seriem parcel, see Ruth Menssen’s excellent and comprehensive site at http://www.ortsfamilienbuecher.de/famreport.php?ofb=stedesdorf&lang=en

More valuable information on Ostfriesland, Harlingerland, and the Esens area in this period (including some church and tax records) can also be found at http://www.genealogy.net/vereine/famfo-esens/deutsch/de-gen_dat.html

Bürgerbuch Emden 1512-1919, transcribed and edited by Else[vier] Kannegieter, 2013, published by the Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv (Lower Saxony Land Archive), with a foreword by Bernd Kappelhoff, available here and here.

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