Haye [Tiarcks] Bremers

b. ca. 1594 - d. after 1650 (19 July, 1666?)
b. Ostbense [presumed]


None (I) [???s]

b. ca. 1595-1600 - d. 7 September 1636
b. Esens area, Ostfriesland [presumed]

Oike Bremer

born in Kleinholum [presumed] 1630
named for ??? [possibly mother’s uncle Oike Heyen; see godmother of youngest brother Peke, 1646]
witnesses/godparents: Boying Haiken [handwriting confirmed by SL; is this mother’s father?], Bonno Taden, und Paul Magny Ehefrau Gertrud
confirmed 1649
died ???


None Focken

married 11 May 1663
b. date [ca. 1635?], Werdum - d. 6 February 1685 in Seriem
daughter of Focke Overwien (d. 2 January 1679, Werdum) and Hieme ???s (d. 16 January 1674, Werdum)
For more information see:


Please refer to source material for further details, as much more is available.

Haye [Oyken] Bremer

baptized in Werdum 18 March 1664
named for father’s father
died before 1729
married Wilmke Christophers 6 May 1693; no children found
married Ancke Berends (1677-1747, from Burhafe), 29 April 1700
children, baptized in Abens, Burhafe:
Oyke 1701, Behrend 1703, Focke 1706, Johann 1709, None 1715, Lisabeth 1718

Himke [Eucken] Bremer

born ca. 1670, Funnix
named for mother’s mother?
died before 1710, Funnix
married Fredrich Lauts (?-1719, from Funnix), 7 December 1691
children, baptized in Funnix:
Oycke 1692, Euke 1693, Marten 1696

Tjark [Oyken] Bremer

baptized 5 October 1674
named for father’s grandfather [assumed]
died 16 April 1737 in Burhafe
married Ette Innen (1690-1782, from Hattersum), 1 April 1709
children, baptized in Burhafe:
Oicke 1711, Edel 1713, Inne 1716, Ihne 1719, Folckert 1723, Edel 1726, None 1729


The Weinkaufprotokolle des Amtes Esens, a record of property transfer fees from 1554 to 1811, shows that Seriemer Vogtei Herd 13, a 43-Diemat parcel, was once the farm of Remmer Koncken.

In the 1632 Deichrechnung, Seriemer Herd 13 is still listed under the name Remmer Koncken, although he probably died around 1590. In 1635, the name of Hayo Bremers (Oike’s father) is attached to the farm. In the 1650 “Designation und Erkundigung,” a roundup of Weinkauf records from years past, the property is described as belonging to Haye Bremers:

“43 [Diemat], wurde vor ungefähr 60 Jahren auf ihn [verweinkauft]. Er weiß sonst keine Nachricht, da er damals noch ein Kind von 3 oder 4 Jahren war.”

[43 Diemat, was “Weinkaufed” for him about 60 years ago. He knows no other information, because he was then still a child of 3 or 4 years.]

At some time between 1658 and 1696 (possibly in 1670), the Seriemer farm passes to Hayo’s son Tjarck (Oike’s brother), from whom the farm is passed to Tjarck’s son Haye.

This probably explains why Oike ended up living in Werdum.

* * *

The Weinkaufprotokolle itself has an intriguing history, best covered in a separate article.

At this period in local history, it is unusual for a family name to be entered in the records. Most people were identified by their given name plus their patronymic: Tiarck Haigen[son], or Tiarck, the son of Hayo. It is noteworthy that for several decades of successive generations of this family, the records identify them as Bremer or Bremers.


Heyko Heyken, Die Weinkaufsprotokolle des Amtes Esens, Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft, Aurich [Germany], 1998.

Much information on this page, including names, dates, interpretation, insight, and translation come courtesy of Kay L. Blass (klblaas at t-online.de), who further acknowledges the interpretation and insight of Wiard Hinrichs.

SL = Stephan Larisch, who has checked some of these records in person to make sure handwriting has been read correctly (May 2012)

For further notes and records about local families of the era, see Ruth Menssen’s excellent and comprehensive site at http://www.ortsfamilienbuecher.de/

More valuable information on Ostfriesland, Harlingerland, and the Esens area in this period (including some church and tax records) can also be found at http://www.genealogy.net/vereine/famfo-esens/deutsch/de-gen_dat.html

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