Meint [???]

Birth Date - Death Date

Mom [Tette?]

Birth Date - Death Date

ABC [Tiade Meints? Tiade Hayen?]

born probably late 1550s (see notes) - dies after 1581
Birthplace Osteel? (just north of Marienhafe, in Ostfriesland)
Burial Site

(1) Gate Tjarcks

Marries before 1581 [in Osteel?]
born probably late 1550s - dies 1581
born Osteel?

(2) XYZ

Marries before 1590 [place?]
born probably late 1560s - dies 0000
born where?

with Gate Tjarcks: Meint Gathena [hypothetical]

born ca. 1585 - died 31 May 1658
Birthplace and burial place presumed Osteel
marries Catrina Deters; they live in Amt Aurich, with six children: Hayo, Tiadeleff, Tiarcho, Tette, Meint and Gato
(See Meint’s page for considerably more story and detail)

with Gate Tjarcks: Tette Gathen [hypothetical]

born before 1581 - dies 14 May, 1656
Birthplace Osteel?
marries Tiarck [Haiken] Bremers, of Lütke Holum, near Esens

with Gate Tjarcks: Hayo Gathen [hypothetical]

born before 1581 - death date
Birthplace Osteel?
may be the eldest son: in 1600, he signs a document in Osteel with a “house mark,” indicating that he is the owner of the home
(see Osteel und Leezdorf: Einst und Jetzt, 1987, Jakob Raveling, pp. 34, 44-45)

with XYZ: Fahlde XYZs [hypothetical]

born after 1581 - dies before 1628
Birthplace Osteel?
marries “Witt Claess” Janßen, probably before he moves to Lütke Holum, near Esens


Gate Tjarks must have been born by the late 1550s in order to have been a father before he dies in 1581.

Hypothetically: Gathe Tiarcks married before 1581, then died, leaving behind for his children a large dowry. The daughter he had with [Tiade Meints?], Tette Gathen, married Tiarck [Haiken] Bremers. Tette and Tiarck’s daughter Tiada Bremer was the second wife of Claas Janssen de Witt.

Gathe Tiarcks’ widow [Tiade Meints?] went on to marry before 1590 an unknown man XYZ, who then became the father of Fahlde, the first wife of Claas Janssen de Witt. This is conjectural.

If there is truth to the conjecture, then Tiade Meints was both the mother-in-law and the grandmother-in-law of Claas Janssen de Witt.

The son of Gate Tjarks and [Tiade Meints?] was probably Meint Gathena, a first sergeant, then lieutenant, of the Nordbrokmer company in Amt Aurich, who on 17 May 1650 had been married to Catrina Deters for 38 years (thus since 1612).

Unfortunately, by 1600 the parish of Osteel had grown so large that its pastor, David Fabricius, was no longer able to keep so many notes on each parishioner, as he had in Resterhafe.


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Much of the hypothetical reasoning here comes from Wiard Hinrichs.

For further details on this line of conjecture, and on the rest of the family, see Kay Blass’s notes on Tjerck Claessen De Witt.

Osteel und Leezdorf: Einst und Jetzt, 1987, Jakob Raveling.

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