Gate Tiarcks [conjecture]

born prob. 1535 - Death Date

ABC [Tiade Meints?]

[birth date?] - [death date?]
birthplace [?]

Tette Gathen [presumed]

b. ca. 1581 - d. 14 May 1656, Ostbense
born in Osteel, Ostfriesland? (just north of Marienhafe)

Tiarck [Haiken] Bremers

married after 1597
born in Ostbense, Ostfriesland [presumed], probably ca. 1570
died in Ostbense, Ostfriesland, before 19 May 1624
paid Weinkauf on Parcel 8, Ostbense, Ostfriesland, in 1589-90
paid Weinkauf on Seriemer Parcel 13 in 1597

Gate [Tiarcks] Bremer

born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1599
named for mother’s father
see 1632 baptism of Tette Claeßen, daughter of Gate’s sister (?) Tiade: one of the witnesses is Gathe Bremers’ wife Grethe
see 1643 baptism of Haio Bremer, son of Gate’s half-brother Haye: one of the witnesses is “Gathe Bremers Hausfrau Gretke (Jurke)”
died in Esens 13 October 1668
moved to Esens
See 1622 Esens Brücheregister (Rep 4 B Vc Nr. 22), the registry of fines imposed for bad behavior, found by Kay Blaas with interpretive assistance from Wiard Hinrichs: “Gathe Tiarck Bremers contra Tiarck Aldrichs: Tiarck Aldrichs zu Grote Holum, das er Gathen Tiarcks ein wunde in den arm 1 1/2 gliedt diep gestoßen, bricht dem G.H. 24, dem beleidigten auch so viell.” (Gate, Tiarck Bremer’s son, v. Tiarck Aldrichs: Tiarck Aldrichs of Groß Holum has inflicted a wound 1/5 limbs deep in the arm of Gate [Tiarcks] Bremer, so he is fined 24 guilders by His Grace, and must pay the same amount to the wounded.)

Tiada [Tiarcks] Bremer

born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1600-1605 [birth order not clear]
named for mother’s mother? [strictly a guess]
died 21 March 1647
married Witt-Claß Janßen (a.k.a. de Witt)

Ubbe [Tiarcks] Bremer [presumed]

mother = Tette Gates
born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1600-1605 [birth order not clear]
Source: 1618 Esens Brücheregister (Rep 4 B Vc Nr. 22), the registry of fines imposed for bad behavior, found by Kay Blaas with interpretive assistance from Wiard Hinrichs: “Siebolt Iniken Sohn contra Tyark Bremers Sohn Ubbe. Ubbe Tyarck Bremers sohn zu Osterbur, das er Sibolt Iniken sohn ein wunde auf das haupt 1 1/2 gliedt lang geschlagen, bricht dGH 12.” (The case of Siebolt Iniken’s son v. Tiarck Bremer’s son Ubbe. Ubbe, son of Tiarck Bremer, living in Osterbur, [because] he has struck the son of Sibolt Iniken a wound on the head 1.5 gliedt long, is fined 12 guilders. The unit of measure, glied, can be translated variously as “limb” or “unit” or “section”; it is a medical measurement used frequently in court records of the era to indicate the size of a wound. dGH, der Gnade Herren, is His Grace.) Worth noting: Frühe Rufnamen in Ostfriesland lists a Gate Ubben in Osteel ca. 1500, very possibly an ancestor whose names are passed down here. (Ostfriesisches Urkundenbuch Band III, Nr. 741) The only other Gathe listed is in Bunde.
1684 litigation by Johan Claessen [De Witt], the son of Tiade Bremers and Witt-Claess Johansson, mentions a maternal uncle who died childless. This uncle is probably Ubbe.

Other Brother [Tiarcks] Bremer

mother = Tette Gates
born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1600-1605 [birth order not clear]


Tette Gathen is an intriguing open question: Who was she? Where did she come from? She brought a large dowry to her husband, Tiarck Bremers, according to the Weinkauf record, but the record is silent as to where her fortune came from.

Further spadework is called for.

The name Gate (Gathe, Gato) is unusual in Ostfriesland. It shows up almost nowhere in the Esens area except in the case of Tette and her son Gate, and his family. (The patronymic form is typically Gathen or Gaten, sometimes Gatten or other variants.) We do find it more frequently in the Osteel area, and even there it is unusual and distinctive to one specific family group. Within that family we find many of the same forenames that we find in the Bremer clan. The Osteel family that uses the name Gate through several generations is well off; they are land owners (not just renters), and among them we find church bailiffs and citizens (Bürger) of Emden, which means not just that a person lives there but also that he has paid a sizable fee to be counted among the town’s electorate.

So it makes sense to connect Tette, who came to the Bremer farm with a large dowry, with the Gate/Gathen clan from Osteel. In previous generations, we find other links between the families. It seems likely that Tette came from Osteel.

In 1613 we find a record (Contract Record of the City of Emden, Staatsarchiv Aurich, Rep 234 Nr. 26, page 96) that Tjarck Bremer, represented by his brother Eibe Bremer (both of them citizens, or Bürger, of Emden as of 18 July 1603, from the Bürger Book of Emden, edited by Kannegieter, published in 2013, p. 413), has sold a “Kammer zu Faldern,” a room in the Faldern section of Emden, together with someone described as a brother-in-law, Abbe Dirks, the husband of Bawe Gathen. (The room is described as coming from the two men’s wives.) If Tjarck Bremer is married to Tette, and he is the brother-in-law of Abbe, the husband of Bawe Gathen, we might reasonably conclude that Bawe must be the sister of Tette Gathen.

(Faldern: See Wikipedia and Wikipedia. John Ramsay M'Culloch in 1846 writes that Emden is “divided into the old town and the Faldern, the latter being the best built”: A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World.)

Tette and Bawe very likely had a brother named Meint Gathen, a church bailiff from the Osteel area:

Betreff: [Upstalsboom-Liste] Grabstein Meint Gathena, + 1658
Sehr geehrte Listenmitglieder,
vor Jahren habe ich einmal eine Frage zu Familie Gathena in Osteel gestellt.
Seinerzeit erhielt ich eine Antwort – von Herrn Voß? -, wonach dort auf
einem Bauernhof ein Grabstein von Meint Gathena gewesen vorhanden sei
(danach * um 1585, † 31.5.1658) und nun als Brunnenabdeckung o.ä. diene. Als
Quelle wurde eine Publikation aus den 1960ger oder 70ger Jahren genannt
(meiner Erinnerung nach – indessen nicht sicher – eher eine Art
Ortschronik). Leider kann ich die E-Mail nicht mehr finden.
Verfügt jemand über einen Hinweis auf diese Publikation?
Vielen Dank.
Freundliche Grüße
HJ Hilling

Moin Herr Hilling,
es handelt sich bei Ihre Frage, um das Buch "Osteel und Leezdorf" von Jakob
Freundliche Grüße
Karin Müller

Kay Blass (22 September 2012): Wiard once told me, that he found a bill concerning a house in Emden, which was paid (or received) by Meint Gathen and Tiarck Bremer together. I tried to find this document in "aida-online" but I could not find it. You have to ask Wiard.

See Tiarck Bremers’ page for more detailed discussion.

* * *

The Weinkaufprotokolle itself has an intriguing history, best covered in a separate article.

At this period in local history, it is unusual for a family name to be entered in the records. Most people were identified by their given name plus their patronymic: Tiarck Haigen[son], or Tiarck, the son of Hayo. It is noteworthy that for several decades of successive generations of this family, the records identify them as Bremer or Bremers.


Interpretation, insight, and translation come courtesy of Kay L. Blass (klblaas at, who further acknowledges the interpretation and insight of Wiard Hinrichs.

Further details, notes, and interpretations come directly from Wiard Hinrichs.

For more details on this line of conjecture, and on the rest of the family, see Kay Blass’s notes on Tjerck Claessen De Witt.

Heyko Heyken, Die Weinkaufsprotokolle des Amtes Esens, Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft, Aurich [Germany], 1998.

Jakob Raveling, Osteel und Leezdorf: Einst und Jetzt (ISBN 3-922365-70-1, 978-3922365709), SKN Printing and Publishing, 2001.

For some further notes and records about Tette, see Ruth Menssen’s excellent and comprehensive site at

More valuable information on Ostfriesland, Harlingerland, and the Esens area in this period (including some church and tax records) can also be found at

Bürgerbuch Emden 1512-1919, transcribed and edited by Else[vier] Kannegieter, 2013, published by the Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv (Lower Saxony Land Archive), with a foreword by Bernd Kappelhoff, available here and here.

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