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Birth Date - Death Date

Tiarck Gathen

born probably 1535 (see notes) - Death Date
Birthplace unknown. Lived in Osteel (just north of Marienhafe, in Ostfriesland)
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Gate Tjarcks [hypothetical]

born ca. 1550s - Death Date
marries before 1581 a woman ABC, possibly named Tiade


Tiarck Gathen of Osteel is a witness in a court procedure in 1587, and he is 52 years old. So he is probably born in 1535.


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Much of the hypothetical reasoning here comes from Wiard Hinrichs.

In a trial before the Reichs court of appeal in Speyer, 30 July and 13 October 1587, appearing as a witness we find (according to Gretje Schreiber, in Heim und Herd 6, 17 July 1993, page 24) Tiarck Gaten of Osteel, 52 years old (thus born 1535), “ernehre sich seiner Ochßen und Koyen [defending? his oxen and cows].” He could have had a son named Gate Tjarks.

But this son must have been born by the late 1550s in order to have been a father in 1581.

For further details on this line of conjecture, and on the rest of the family, see Kay Blass’s notes on Tjerck Claessen De Witt.

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