Koncke Remmers

b. ??? - d. before 1570
Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C8*


[birth date?] - [death date?]

Remmer Koncken

b. before 1570 - d. 1587 [presumed]
Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C13*, Harlingerland, Ostfriesland
[also probably the western part of Herd *C15*]

Hiseken Taden

[birth date?] - [death date?]
daughter of Tade Ommeken,
Werdumer Vogtei Herd *A13*

Tade Remmers

named for mother’s father
pays Weinkauf on Werdumer Vogtei Herd *A13* on 3 April 1575,
after death of his grandfather, Tade Ommeken
presumably dies before 1590
His mother, Hise Taden, pays Weinkauf on *A13* in 1590
(next owner = Tomme, the daughter of either Hise Taden or Tade Ommeken;
Tomme is married to Haike Wyarts, of Thunum Herd *1*)

Rinnolt Remmers

m. Tiarck Bremers (when?)
b. probably 1570-1575 - d. probably 1597
inherited Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C13*
(paid Weinkauf ca. 1590 when her father died)

Foltye Remmers

m. Minste, widow of Haike Ailts, son of Aeilt Garmers
(Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C22*; Haike d. 1589)
Foltye inherits western portion of *C15* [presumably] from his father
Foltye also farms *C44* on Grodenland near the eastern portion of *C15* (which is probably new land, recently reclaimed from the Watt)

Foltye and Minste have three sons:

Remmer Foltjes inherits *C44*
He also ends up with *C5,* the Herd that used to belong
to his grandfather’s brother, Ede Koncken
Tjarck Folties inherits *C15*
Ailt Folties inherits *C22*
(Next owners: His son Folti, and Folti’s son Focke)


The Weinkaufprotokolle des Amtes Esens has an intriguing history, best covered in a separate article.


Heyko Heyken, Die Weinkaufsprotokolle des Amtes Esens, Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft, Aurich [Germany], 1998.

Interpretation, insight, and translation come courtesy of Kay L. Blass (klblaas at t-online.de), who further acknowledges the interpretation and insight of Wiard Hinrichs.

For some further notes and records about family in this area, see Ruth Menssen’s excellent and comprehensive site at http://www.ortsfamilienbuecher.de/

More valuable information on Ostfriesland, Harlingerland, and the Esens area in this period (including some church and tax records) can also be found at http://www.genealogy.net/vereine/famfo-esens/deutsch/de-gen_dat.html

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