Remmer Koncken

b. before 1570 - d. 1587 [presumed]
Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C13*

Hiseken Taden

[birth date?] - [death date?]
daughter of Tade Ommeken,
Werdumer Vogtei Herd *A13*

Rinnolt Remmers

b. probably 1570-1575 - d. probably 1597
Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C13*, Harlingerland, Ostfriesland

Tiarck [Haiken] Bremers

married ca. 1591
born in Ostbense, Ostfriesland [presumed], probably ca. 1570
died in Ostbense, Ostfriesland, before 19 May 1624
paid Weinkauf on Benser Vogtei Herd *C8*, Ostbense, Ostfriesland, in 1589-90
paid Weinkauf on Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C13* in 1597, for his son

Remmer I [Tiarcks] Bremer [presumed]

mother = Rinnolt Remmers
born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1592
died after 1594, before 1596 [presumed]

Haye [Tiarcks] Bremer

mother = Rinnolt Remmers
born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1594
died in Seriem 19 July 1666
wife: ?
presumably inherited Seriemer Vogtei Herd *C13*

Remmer [Tiarcks] Bremer

mother = Rinnolt Remmers
born in Ostbense [presumed] ca. 1596
died in Bense 19 March 1666
moved to Esens
later bought land nearby: Seriemer Vogtei Herde *G12* and *L3*


The Weinkaufprotokolle des Amtes Esens, a record of property transfer fees from 1554 to 1811, shows that in 1587 the Weinkauf on Benser Vogtei Herd 8, a 65-Diemat parcel of farmland previously owned by Hayo Bremers, is paid by “Haye Bremers Sohn Haike” (Hayo’s son Haike), suggesting that Hayo has died, and the farm has passed to the next generation. (The Weinkauf is a kind of title transfer tax.)

A scant two years later, in 1589-90, a 200 Tl Weinkauf on Benser Herd 8 is paid by Tiarck Bremers. The likely interpretation is that Tiarck is a brother of Haike, both of them sons of Hayo Bremers, and that Tiarck is paying the transfer tax and taking over the farm because his brother Haike has died.

Heyko Heyken, who collected, edited, and in 1998 published the Weinkaufsprotokolle, suggested that Haike in 1587 paid the Weinkauf also on Seriemer Vogtei Herd 13, a 43-Diemat parcel at Kleinholum (close to Benser Herd 8). This reading, while not impossible, is problematic. (See discussion elsewhere on this site.)

It seems more likely that Tiarck Bremers married Rinnolt Remmers around 1592, shortly after Haike had died and shortly after her father had died. (Adjacent Seriemer Herd 14 and possibly 15 may also have been intertwined with the family history.)

The two parcels continue to be taxed and recorded separately. They are in separate Vogtei, or bailiwicks (in this case, separate tax districts).

In 1597, when Tiarck pays the Weinkauf on Seriemer Herd 13, no new Weinkauf is paid for Benser Herd 8. It appears that Tiarck’s first wife, Rinnolt, has died, and he is paying the Weinkauf to transfer her family farm to their son Hayo. Tellingly, Tiarck does not pay to transfer ownership of the larger Bremer farm that his father and grandfather (and brother) had owned.

* * *

Herd 13 in the Seriemer Vogtei is described as the farm of Remmer Koncken, even as late as 1632, long after he has died and no longer owns the farm. (Remmer may be a brother of Pecke Koncken, who owns Herd 24 at Bettenwarfen in 1600, and of Folkert Koncken, making all three the sons of Koncke Remmers.) Remmer is listed as the owner of Seriemer Herd 13 at the time of the 1570 “All Saints Flood.”

About 1590, his daughter Rinnolt pays the 180 Rt Weinkauf on his 43 Diemat (4.19 Rt/Dt), which means the property transfers into her hands. It seems fair to understand that he has died, and she is taking over the family farm.

* * *

Tiarck’s brother Haike dies in 1589, and Tiarck takes over the Bremer farm. After Rinnolt and Tiarck have each paid their Weinkauf and come into their separate properties, it appears, they marry, and the two farms come under one ownership.

In 1597, Tiarck Bremer pays the 180 Rt Weinkauf on Rinnolt Remmers’ Seriemer Herd 13, “wegen seines Sohnes Haye” (“on behalf of his son Haye”). This is probably when Rinnolt dies. She and Tiarck had two sons. Their son Hayo inherits the farm, as the Weinkauf record shows. The other brother later moves to Esens.

In the 1632 Deichrechnung, Seriemer Herd 13 is still listed under the name Remmer Koncken, although he probably died around 1590. In 1635, the name Hayo Bremers is attached to the farm. In the 1650 “Designation und Erkundigung,” a roundup of Weinkauf records from years past, the property is described as belonging to Haye Bremers:

“43 [Diemat], wurde vor ungefähr 60 Jahren auf ihn [verweinkauft]. Er weiß sonst keine Nachricht, da er damals noch ein Kind von 3 oder 4 Jahren war.”

[43 Diemat, was “Weinkaufed” for him about 60 years ago. He knows no other information, because he was then still a child of 3 or 4 years.]

At some time between 1658 and 1696 (possibly in 1670), the Seriemer farm passes to Hayo’s son Tjarck, whose death is recorded in 1696, at which time the farm is passed to his son Haye.

The names Rinnolt and Remmer are both carried down among Tiarck Bremers’ descendants.

* * *

The Weinkaufprotokolle itself has an intriguing history, best covered in a separate article.

At this period in local history, it is unusual for a family name to be entered in the records. Most people were identified by their given name plus their patronymic: Tiarck Haigen[son], or Tiarck, the son of Hayo. It is noteworthy that for several decades of successive generations of this family, the records identify them as Bremer or Bremers.


Heyko Heyken, Die Weinkaufsprotokolle des Amtes Esens, Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft, Aurich [Germany], 1998.

Interpretation, insight, and translation come courtesy of Kay L. Blass (klblaas at, who further acknowledges the interpretation and insight of Wiard Hinrichs.

For some further notes and records about Rinnolt Remmers, see Ruth Menssen’s excellent and comprehensive site at

More valuable information on Ostfriesland, Harlingerland, and the Esens area in this period (including some church and tax records) can also be found at

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