Wilhelm and Johan Blaeu: Nieuwe Atlas, 1659

The Blaeus’ Toonneel des Aerdrycx, oft Nieuwe Atlas, was originally published in Amsterdam between 1648 and 1659, composed largely of maps Blaeu pere et fils had drawn over the past several years.

The Blaeu map of Ostfriesland didn’t change much over several editions of Blaeu atlases. This map, in fact, is probably identical to the 1635 Blaeu edition.

When you look at old books, modern book design seems so halfhearted. When these guys designed a title page, they meant it.

For various reasons I have also been interested in the town of Holt, in the neighborhood of Essen, in (approximately) Westphalia.

There aren’t larger versions of any of the pictures on this page because they’re pretty much duplicates of the versions found in the Blaeu Grooten Atlas of 1664, except the later edition added colors.

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